Terminator: Genisys Continues to Spoil With Its Final Poster


Terminator Genisys Final Poster

Following that trailer that completely spoiled the John Connor plot twist in Terminator: Genisys, they released the final poster that puts the character front and center.

The funny thing about this “John Connor is a Terminator” thing, is that was the original ending to Terminator: Salvation.

Originally John Connor died in Terminator: Salvation and his skin was put on top of the robot body of Marcus. At the end of the movie Connor then goes full-on Terminator and kills all of the good guys before it cut to black. Obviously Terminator fans found out about that and the internet went nuts and it didn’t happen, but that was going to be how that movie ended.

So them doing the John Connor Terminator in this movie is interesting. Almost as if someone didn’t want to let that concept go and would get it into any movie no matter what. It’s almost like the giant killer spider that almost went into Tim Burton’s Superman movie thanks to John Peters, only to reappear as a giant robot spider in Wild Wild West.