How Joss Whedon Trolled Marvel Fans With Age of Ultron (Spoilers)


High-Res Age of Ultron Stills

WARNING: This story will contain spoilers about the ending to Avengers: Age of Ultron. If you don’t want to know the final line in the movie, tread carefully.

With the release of Age of Ultron this weekend, Joss Whedon has been doing a lot of interviews that Marvel fans have been actually taking as negative. It’s almost that since he’s no longer involved in the Marvel movies, it’s open season for him to slyly knock the movies (and television shows) since he doesn’t have to return to make a third Avengers movie.

But even worse than the person Marvel hired for “geek cred” being somewhat negative about Marvel in interviews is how he trolled fans with his ending of the Avengers sequel.

The end of the movie shows the Avengers Academy where new potential Avengers and spies are being trained. Tony and Cap part ways before they’ll butt heads again in Civil War, Thor has returned to Asgard to investigate what’s going on there, and the Hulk is flying away in a Quinjet. That leaves Cap and Widow to put together a new team that’s actually pretty reminiscent of the West Coast Avengers.

As the new team (War Machine, Falcon, The Vision, Scarlet Witch) show up on screen one by one, Danny Elfman’s remixed Avengers theme plays before the camera turns to Cap who begins to say “Avengers…” and then it cuts to credits.

We don’t get the full “Avengers Assemble” in the movie.

Whedon cuts Captain America short just to be a troll. This is like him making a Star Wars movie and ending it with “May the Force Be…” and not having the “with You” part. In the past Whedon bashed The Empire Strikes Back for not having a real ending, well one could argue that editing the movie so it ends mid-sentence isn’t a real ending either.

The stupid ending does not ruin Age of Ultron. I actually like it more than the original, as seeing THE VISION in live action is enough to set it above the first movie. But it hurts the movie to end it on such a frustrating note, and because of that I’m glad Whedon won’t be involved in anymore Marvel stuff.

Hopefully the Russo Brothers (their Winter Soldier is better than anything Joss Whedon has ever made) will set things right in Infinity War finally allowing Cap to give the rallying cry that Marvel fans want to hear.