Details From The Force Awakens Japan Kickoff Meeting



As we learned yesterday, Kathleen Kennedy and Daisy Ridley appeared in Japan for a “Kickoff Meeting” for The Force Awakens and we have some details about what happened.

This kickoff meeting was the first official unveiling of The Force Awakens outside of the US and featured Kennedy and Ridley on stage with translators answering questions similar to the ones we heard at Star Wars Celebration. Kennedy spoke about how Rey is important to bringing more strong female characters to Star Wars and how Disney is well suited to protect the values of Star Wars. While Ridley answered questions about what it was like to be cast in the movie.

There was no BB-8 at the meeting, but Artoo showed up on stage towards the end. The initial announcement of the press conference mentioned “special footage”, but from all accounts it was just the trailer that was unveiled at Celebration.

You can see a short video with highlights from the Force Awakens Japan Kickoff Meeting here.