Batman Spotted on the Suicide Squad Set!


Batman Suicide Squad Set
For a long time there have been rumors of some kind of Bruce Wayne or Batman appearance in the Suicide Squad movie. They’ve ranged from simply being surveillance video of Batman to a more meaty appearance. With the movie filming in Toronto now, Ben Affleck has been spotted in the city (along with the Batmobile) fueling the rumors that he appears in the movie in some way.

Today came confirmation. Paparazzi snapped photos of Affleck on the street in Tronoto where they’re filming outdoor scenes, and they were very careful to hide his costume. It’s pretty obvious he’s in the Batman suit as the black sheet doesn’t hide the cowl ears very well, and you can clearly see the gray leg of the suit sticking out of one of the shots.

There are also rumors that he was there to film a flashback scene for Batman V Superman that will show The Joker killing Jason Todd. As this stuff is a street scene, it’s more likely something for Suicide Squad as opposed to that “Death in the Family” flashback.

You can head on over to ETalk to check out the paparazzi photos of Affleck hiding under a black sheet to hide the Batman costume.