JJ Abrams\’ Comments About The Prequels



There’s a belief on the Internet that thanks to the current marketing rhetoric Disney is following with The Force Awakens, where their talking point is always “Practical Effects!”, that JJ Abrams hates the Prequels and agrees with their delusional fantasy that Lucasfilm will retcon or remake these immovable objects of Star Wars canon.

Back in 2009 when Abrams was rebooting Star Trek the LA Times spoke to him about the challenge of reinventing Trek for modern audiences, and JJ praised the work Lucas did on the Prequels:

GB: “Star Wars” vs. “Star Trek” is sort of a classic Beatles vs. Stones debate for sci-fi fans of a certain age. You have said you wanted to infuse your “Trek” revival with some lessons learned from the George Lucas universe. Can you talk about that?

JJA: Well, I’m just a fan of “Star Wars.” As a kid, “Star Wars” was much more my thing than “Star Trek” was. If you look at the last three “Star Wars” films and what technology allowed them to do, they covered so much terrain in terms of design, locations, characters, aliens, ships — so much of the spectacle has been done and it seems like every aspect has been covered, whether it’s geography or design of culture or weather system or character or ship type. Everything has been tapped in those movies. The challenge of doing “Star Trek” — despite the fact that it existed before “Star Wars” — is that we are clearly in the shadow of what George Lucas has done.

In a November 2013 interview with The Telegraph in the UK, JJ wasn’t eager to flush the Prequels down the toilet like the Internet wants him to:

Abrams is eager not to criticise the more recent movies and suggests that he may need to tread a careful line not to alienate fans of the originals and the younger fans of the prequels.

He said: “A lot of kids who saw all the prequels when they were young really do identify with those movies as much as my generation identified with the originals.”

That “technology” Abrams praised in the first interview was a combination of sets, models, and the evil CGI everyone on the Internet is suddenly revolting against. In 2015 most of them can’t even point out the computer effects in a movie when it’s done well.

A recent example would be Zod’s armor in Man of Steel. You tell someone that was 100% CGI and they don’t believe you. Effects have come a long way from the Prequel era, and chances are the people who hate CG won’t even be able to spot (and bitch about) the “enormous amount of CG” that The Force Awakens is going to use.