The First Force Awakens Teaser\’s BB-8 Wasn\’t Practical


Force Awakens Practical BB-8

Will the practical BB-8 become JJ Abrams’ “Khan” mistake for Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

For those unaware of the Khan reference, Abrams got a lot of heat for lying to fans leading up to the release of Star Trek Into Darkness about Khan being in the movie. Despite nearly everyone knowing that the villain is Khan, Abrams and his cast and crew lied at every interview and said their villain was named “John Harrison”.

At Star Wars Celebration last week Abrams brought out a practical BB-8 droid that rolled around the stage while they extolled the virtues of their fully practical droid. Except it turns out that it was all smoke and mirrors to play to the “CG sucks” crowd as there is a CG BB-8 in the movie and the fancy robot one wasn’t exactly what was filmed.

The New York Times explained that the BB-8 fans saw at Star Wars Celebration wasn’t the same one always being filmed on-set:

But BB-8 was complicated. During the filming of the movie, it was a prop built on rollers and controlled by a puppeteer, he said.

“You would see this guy pushing BB-8 around, actually controlling BB-8, but he gets the equivalent of airbrushed out,” Mr. Iger said.

The practical BB-8 Abrams wowed Celebration with was actually made as a way to put BB-8 into Disney’s theme parks and produce small toys from. Obviously it’ll be used in Episodes VIII and IX, but the evidence right now shows that it wasn’t necessarily used that much in the filming of Episode VII.

A YouTube user put together a video showing how the BB-8 in the original teaser trailer was CG based on how it moves compared to the practical one at Celebration: