Whedon Confirms the Spider-Man Avengers Scene is Fake


Spider-Man Avengers SceneOver the weekend a video went viral showing a blurry scene claiming to be the Avengers: Age of Ultron post-credits scene featuring Spider-Man.

I guess this went viral because people wanted to believe they’d see Spider-Man in Avengers next month. But the problem with it is that the movie has already been screened multiple times and there is no Spider-Man stinger on the movie. People have seen Age of Ultron, some even more than once, but despite their cries that the video was fake it got linked everywhere on the internet.

There IS a mid-credits scene of the movie that involves a big purple guy and a golden gauntlet. If you want details on what it shows, you can read all about it right here.

Both Whedon and Feige have said that there is no post-credits stinger in Age of Ultron as they honestly couldn’t figure out anything better than the one in the first movie. You get the mid-credits one, and then that’s it. Flicks And The City asked Joss Whedon about the fake Spider-Man scene and this was his reaction: