Star Wars The Old Republic Is Not Canon


Old Republic Canon

Due to the Story Group credits in the game, many wondered if The Old Republic was canon. Now we know.

One of the panels I wanted to see most at Star Wars Celebration was the Story Group’s canon panel, and for one reason only. I wanted someone to ask the panel about the canon status of The Old Republic as the game had recently begun to include Story Group credits. I got my wish at that panel as someone did ask about that, and the answer was that the games are NOT canon.

It actually shed some light on to how the Story Group works, which also again helped debunk some dumb rumors that people like to spread around the internet. While the group does come up with some story ideas, not everything originates from them. If someone pitches a story idea, it’s up to the Story Group to look at it and see how and if it fits in with the canon of Star Wars. So if someone were to want to retcon something like Boba Fett, the Story Group will kill the idea right where it stands as it would clash with the immovable objects of canon.

As to why the Story Group is credited on things like The Old Republic or the LEGO movies, it’s simply to ensure they feel authentic and aren’t doing anything that isn’t “Star Wars”.

I actually kind of felt sorry for the panelists with the number of people who lined up to yell at them for the canon reset, it was basically a whole bunch of this from what I could tell.