The Amazing Star Wars Rebels Season Two Trailer


Star Wars Rebels Season Two Trailer

This Saturday at Star Wars Celebration Lucasfilm unveiled the Star Wars Rebels Season Two trailer to a packed arena, and blew everyone away. The reaction to this trailer was so great they showed it a second time, just like they did with The Force Awakens teaser.

Showcasing stuff from throughout the second season the trailer shows Vader, Hondo Ohnaka, and the big crowd-pleaser Captain Rex. Seeing that popular character return with a Mad Max-esque group of old clones nearly brought down the arena with cheers.

The season premiere of Star Wars Rebels was screened at Celebration last night and we’ll have a full review up when we return from the convention. Lets just say the jaw-dropping premiere is every bit as good as a full Star Wars movie. It’s almost Episode 3.8. Here’s the trailer in the meantime: