Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One Details Revealed at Celebration


Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One Logo

This morning at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, Lucasfilm began the final day of the convention by revealing more details on Rogue One.

Tossing out the “standalone” or “spinoff” labels everyone has been using, the non-episode films are titled “Anthology”. Based on the logo released at the panel, the full title of this movie is Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One. Even though the movie doesn’t begin filming until this summer in the UK and around the world they did produce a small teaser thanks to ILM.

It opens with the December 2016 date and shows a river in a canyon on an unidentified jungle planet. As the camera pans over the river and up the canyon, Obi-Wan’s dialog about the Jedi from A New Hope is heard. Once the camera pans up to see the horizon, the first Death Star can be seen filling the sky.

I know some people have speculated this was Yavin IV, but that wouldn’t make much sense as that’s where the Rebel base was in A New Hope and the Death Star travelled there during the first movie. As this film is about the mission that stole the Death Star plans, this is likely a different planet if it ends up appearing in the movie at all.

Concept art, likely the same that was shown at the Disney Shareholder’s meeting, was displayed showing troops wearing hats reminiscent of the Hoth troopers charging at something in the rain with small ships above them.

For those continuity hounds worried about another Leia-remembering-her-mother plot hole with this and the ANH opening crawl and dialog, John Knoll explained the story was purposely built around that is stated in that text. That means we’ll see a large battle with the Rebels, and then likely a small team stealing the plans during that battle.

The panel was meant to also discuss Josh Trank’s Anthology film, but he was ill and unable to attend.