Rumor: Is This the History of Jakku From The Force Awakens? (Spoilers)


The Force Awakens Teaser 2

When JJ Abrams revealed that the desert planet in The Force Awakens was Jakku, and not Tatooine, many people immediately became curious about it. Now a rumor has come out that addresses the history of the planet, and it actually sounds like it could be legit.

There’s a Reddit post that went up shortly after the reveal of Jakku at Star Wars Celebration, but before it was revealed that the “Battle of Jakku” would be a actual level in Star Wars Battlefront. It describes Jakku as this:

Jakku was a wasteland with no population/settlements until around 40 years ago when the star destroyers we see in the trailer crash landed after a nearby space battle. The surviving crew became deserted and set up a colony. The crew were the first settlers on the planet. The battle of Endor took place around the same time as the ‘battle of Jakku.’ As a result of the second Death Star’s destruction and the death of Vader and Palpatine, the empire was in disarray and did not have the time and resources for a rescue mission. Max Von Sydow was the Moff/Admiral/Commanding officer of the Star Destroyer we see in the beginning of the trailer and now acts as the de facto leader of the civilization. He is mad at the empire for leaving them stranded so he has no loyalty to the First Order. He helps out Rey and gives Finn information/evidence about the empire (they’re evil) that finalizes his decision to desert. The planet attracts pirates, scavengers, scum, villainy, etc. because of the looting potential of the ship graveyard, so it has become the ‘new’ Tattooine and Mos Eisley.

There’s also something about Kylo Ren there, and it also meshes with previous rumors:

Kylo Ren. The first six movies have plenty of religious metaphors – the savior, virgin birth, prophecies, etc. The religious theme of VII mirrors the state of the church during the dark ages. For example, Kylo Ren’s saber resembles the broadswords that crusader’s are famous for using. In real life, there were plenty of false idols – many people claiming to be the second coming of Christ. Similarly, Kylo Ren is (falsely) claiming to be Vader. He is a controversial figure among the First Order. More and more people are starting to believe he is actually Vader because of the ‘miracles’ he performs (him using the force). He has a sizeable and cult like faction of the First Order following him by the start of VII. Ren makes a power grab to gain more power in the First Order. He uses violence and fear to get this power. Finn was okay with how the First Order was operating, but after realizing the evil Ren’s coming to power is inevitable, he quits.

There was a rumored line of dialog at a point in the movie where Rey is face to face with Kylo and she tells him something along the lines of “You’ll never be Darth Vader”, so that matches up with this description.

The poster’s description of the first scene of the movie is also accurate:

He expanded a little on why Finn quits the First Order – Apparently Ren (posing as Vader) commands an elite squadron of stormtroopers. The first scene of the movie consists of Finn learning he has been promoted to Ren’s elite unit and immediately departs on a mission. The mission is the scene from the second trailer at night where we see Ren in action. Apparently Finn is one of the stormtroopers from this scene and is appalled by Ren’s tactics on this mission and immediately deserts.

That is 100% true, so there’s little reason to doubt the rest of the information.