Warner Thinks Batman V Superman Will Overrule Star Wars



Tomorrow morning the internet will be going crazy over a nearly two-minute long trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Of course, Warner Brothers thinks their brilliant Batman V Superman marketing plan will make you forget all about that trailer.

Collider reports that tomorrow morning at 9:00am Zack Snyder will unveil five seconds of the Batman V Superman trailer on his Twitter account. FIVE SECONDS. This is being done exactly one hour before Lucasfilm will unveil the new Star Wars trailer at Celebration and all around the world via a live stream. The Batman trailer will then be in theaters for a special event this coming Monday.

Honestly this seems stupid. Five seconds of Batman V Superman really isn’t that much and it’ll be completely lost in the insane Force Awakens hype that will consume the internet all weekend. The trailer isn’t the only thing Lucasfilm is unveiling at Celebration, we’ll also get our first look at actual costumes and props from the movie in an exhibit they have on the show floor.