This Weekend JJ Abrams\’ Star Wars Mystery Box is No More


JJ Abrams Star Wars Mystery Box

Ever since Abrams was announced as the director of Star Wars, his Mystery Box has been a bane for all fans. This weekend that ends.

Tomorrow morning at 10:00am JJ Abrams will kick off Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim with a panel that will showcase the new trailer for The Force Awakens, and likely more. While the entire movie is out there spoiled if you know where to look, this will really be the first thing the masses see that will chip away at the Star Wars Mystery Box. But it doesn’t end there.

On the show floor at Celebration there’s a Force Awakens exhibit. Inside you’ll be able to see actual props, costumes, and models (and more) that were used in the filming of the movie. For a movie that has tried to hide its costumes, so much as subpoenaing an image hosting site for hosting a Kylo Ren image, this is a big reveal. It’s another major chip away at the Mystery Box.

This weekend’s Star Wars Celebration is the big coming out party for The Force Awakens. You better believe we’re going to be there for every minute of it.