Rumor: Who Survives Age of Ultron (Spoilers)


Age of Ultron TeamThere have been a lot of wild rumors flying about with various theories as to what heroes actually make it out of Avengers: Age of Ultron alive. One of the crazier ones says that Black Widow dies, but the people who started that obviously weren’t aware that she’s a big part of Captain America: Civil War, which comes out next year.

But now we have a pretty solid idea of the team we’ll see after the Avengers are shattered by Ultron and his army of drones in the movie, and there are a couple new faces.

According to rumors coming out of the world premiere of Age of Ultron, it appears that we’ll see the following Avengers team at the end of the movie:

Captain America
Black Widow
The Vision
Scarlet Witch (in a new costume)

Thor has returned to Asgard, and despite rumors the Hulk wasn’t shot into space exactly. He took a Quinjet while in Hulk mode and crashed it somewhere on Earth. Fury and Maria hill have an idea where. After talking with Cap at the Avengers Academy, Stark drives away in an Audi, setting up the “taking sides” of Civil War.

Didn’t notice Quicksilver? Well that’s the big spoiler. He doesn’t survive the movie, but that doesn’t mean he’s 100% dead. His powers are much like The Flash’s, and we’re told his cells can regenerate. So even if toward the end of the movie he looks to be dead, it may not be the case.

Obviously we’ll see Iron Man return for Civil War to face off against Captain America and his team, so even though it comes at the end of Phase 2 it looks like Age of Ultron sets up Phase 3 in a very interesting way.