Furious Fanboys at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim



This is a day long remembered. Beginning this Thursday, April 16, in Anaheim is the seventh Star Wars Celebration in the US. Celebrating the December release of The Force Awakens, this weekend is expected to be a huge coming out party for Disney’s first Star Wars movie.

Jeremy is at the convention now and camping out in line with the crew from MakingStarWars.net to be inside the arena for the big JJ Abrams kickoff for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. He’ll be updating from the show and bringing back lots of cool stuff. Expect a ton of photos of the convention on the site over the four days of the con.

This story will be updated throughout the weekend with hyperlinks right to each story. The existing stuff below will become live links after the story is posted, and there will be a lot more added as the con goes on through Sunday. Tomorrow kicks off with JJ Abrams and the new Force Awakens trailer, and everything is book-ended on Sunday with the spinoff news.


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For live, up to the minute, updates from the show floor you can also keep an eye on our Facebook page and follow Jeremy on Twitter.