MAJOR SPOILER: Is This the Age of Ultron Credits Scene?


Age of Ultron Credits Scene

Marvel has held the world premiere for Avengers: Age of Ultron last night, and now we may know what the credits scene is. This is the bit that plays after the first section of cast credits, and before the main roll. Whedon and Feige have already said there is no post-credits scene in Age of Ultron as they couldn’t think of one better than the original movie’s.

According to a poster on the IMDB message board for Age of Ultron, this is what the credits scene is. I won’t link to his post as he basically spoils the entire movie, but here’s what happens during the credits:

“The mid credit scene shows a dark scene, the point of view from inside a container. As it opens up, you see Thanos reach in and pull out the Gauntlet! It doesn’t have any gems on it yet. But he does say: “I guess i’ll have to do it myself” as he puts it on. I’m guessing this is a reference to Loki or The Collector or Ronan or someone failing to get him the gems…”

If this is true, it’s a cool way to setup Infinity War. Although it’ll be interesting to see if this takes place in Odin’s vault or not as we know the Gauntlet is there.

Again there apparently won’t be a post-credits scene as per the filmmakers, who came out and announced that so people won’t be pissed for sitting through the credits waiting for one.