The Full Ant Man Trailer is Here!


Full Ant Trailer

I guess everyone is getting their big trailers out early this week to avoid a certain JJ Abrams movie trailer as this morning Marvel has released the full trailer for Ant Man.

Cassie Lang fans will be disappointed that she doesn’t appear at all in this trailer, which is strange as it focuses so much on Scott Lang’s origin and how he becomes Ant Man. She’s a huge part of why he does what he does, and by not showing her in the trailer it’s leaving out one of the big parts of the movie that doesn’t involve Ant Man shrinking and punching people.

One thing that’s very cool about this trailer is that is shows the original effects test did make it into the movie as an actual scene. It’s slightly different, but the same beats are there such as him running along the barrel of a gun. We also get to see a lot of Yellojacket and what those arms on his back actually do.

And that toy train bit is awesome.