See 90 Seconds of the Hulkbuster Fight From Age of Ultron


Hulkbuster Fight

As promised, Marvel released a new Age of Ultron clip during this weekend’s MTV Movie Awards. Instead of being some fluff clip of dialog they actually gave us 90 seconds of the Hulkbuster fight.

While we’ve seen a lot of this in the various trailers and TV spots, this is a big chunk of the fight as it’ll appear in the movie. It begins with Iron Man suiting up as seen in the trailer, and ends with the punch between the two that we’ve also seen before. What’s in between those shots is pretty awesome.

My favorite part of the Hulkbuster fight we’ve seen so far is how Tony knew he’d probably need replacement parts for the armor. So when he loses his left arm, new pieces fly in from a floating platform to rebuild that part of the Hulkbuster armor. Seriously cool stuff.

We only have a couple more weeks until this hits theaters…