No Force Awakens Novelization or Comic in 2015


Force Awakens NovelizationJJ Abrams’ attempt to protect his Mystery Box has taken an extreme turn as it appears there will be no Force Awakens Novelization or Comic based on the movie in 2015.

The news comes from Florian of Jedi-Bibliothek who, through his investigation, has found that placeholders for the novel and comic for January 2016 appear to be the movie adaptations. This means that Abrams has managed to protect his Mystery Box by not releasing the Force Awakens novelization until well after the move is in theaters. Previous Star Wars movies (even A New Hope) had the novels out prior to the film release.

Except it won’t work.

Even if the Force Awakens novelization isn’t released until after the movie, the entire plot of Episode VII is out there if you really want to know it. Thanks to JJ’s titan-like grip on all matters of Star Wars, starving fans for even the smallest peek at the new movie, people have been more willing to leak stuff and at this point the entire movie is known from beginning to end. Details, such a dialog, obviously won’t be known until the script leaks but the overall plot and fate of the characters is pretty well known.

When JJ Abrams realizes that, I’m sure this will be the look on his face:

JJ Abrams on Kimmel