Netflix Daredevil\’s Red Suit Revealed


Daredevil Logo

Even before the series arrives on Netflix and image of Daredevil’s red suit has leaked.

We’ll probably get a better look at it in the final episode of the series tomorrow, but a new Netflix poster is appearing for some users when you search for the show on the streaming service. It’s only appearing in some regions and in some account configurations (you may have to subscribe to the DVD service, for example), but this is the poster:

Netflix Daredevil's Red Suit

Even from the small look it’s definitely an improvement over Affleck’s suit. That Daredevil as basically just a motorcycle jacket spray-painted red, while the Netflix red suit looks to be more of a custom job much like the other Marvel Cinematic Universe costumes.

So far everything coming out from Netflix’s Daredevil has been extremely positive. We’ll see how the whole thing turned out when all thirteen episodes hits the service tomorrow.