Good Morning America is Revealing \’The Force Awakens\’ Secrets? Probably Not


Good Morning America The Force Awakens

Disney-owned ABC is getting into the Star Wars hype machine as Good Morning America is promising The Force Awakens secrets on their next two shows this week.

According to, the morning show says they will feature secrets for The Force Awakens on the April 9th and April 10th shows. This is also naturally the promote the digital release of the first six Star Wars movies, which takes place this Friday:

“Fan of, Drew T. wrote in to let fans know that Good Morning America will be revealing secrets about Star Wars: The Force Awakens on their Thursday, 9-April-2015 and Friday, 10-April-2015 shows this week. Set those DVR’s to record, and stay tuned here for more details as they develope.”

Honestly I wouldn’t get too hyped up over what they’re going to reveal this week. Star Wars Celebration is a week away and they won’t spoil anything that JJ Abrams plans to unveil at his panel. Also, the audience for Good Morning America isn’t the most hardcore of Star Wars fans so the sort of “secret” they’re likely to reveal will probably be eye-rolling in their simplicity.

However checking Good Morning America’s site doesn’t mention The Force Awakens, only the digital release:

‘In celebration, tune in to “Good Morning America” on Thursday, April 9 and Friday, April 10 as never-before-seen secrets and footage are revealed.’

Either way, it may be worth setting your DVRs to record it just to see how funny it is when a light-hearted morning show tries to get excited about Star Wars. Hilarity will probably result.