Twenty Years Since Lucasfilm Said \’One Last Time\’


Lucasfilm One Last Time

In 1995 Lucasfilm was preparing for an upcoming re-release of the Star Wars trilogy, and to help pay for this they put out the original three movies on VHS…for one last time.

With the announcement of the Star Wars Digital Movie Collection last night came a while new wave of people swearing that they were “done” with Star Wars and that they will never buy the movies again because they aren’t the unaltered non-Special Editions. These people either weren’t around in 1995, didn’t listen to Lucasfilm then, or refused to believe them when it was announced that the 1995 release would be the last time they would release the non-Special Editions.

Some might argue that the 2005 Limited Edition DVDs counted, but those were just considered bonus features on the discs as they were non-anamorphic copies of the 1993 Laserdisc transfers just plopped cheaply on a disc.

Lucasfilm told you twenty years ago thaat “this will be your last chance to own the original version of Star Wars”. The reason why the trailer (embedded below) only mentioned Star Wars was because in 1995 Lucas had only intended to do a Special Edition of the first movie, the trilogy decision came later.

You were warned that the original version would not be released again. Lucasfilm stuck to that for more than two decades, yet every single time a new release of Star Wars comes out you get an extremely vocal and loud minority screaming at the top of their lungs how they won’t buy the Special Editions.

Here’s the trailer where Lucasfilm says “One Last Time”: