Sam and Quorra Will Return in Tron 3


Sam and Quorra Tron 3

When Tron 3 was revealed, many wondered if Sam and Quorra would show up. Now we know.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed today that both Olivia Wilde and Garret Hedlund will reprise their roles as Quorra and Sam in Joseph Kosinski’s Tron 3. It makes a lot of sense for the two to come back as the last movie ended with both of them in the real world, and they did a short on the Tron: Legacy Blu-ray that’s set between that movie and Tron 3 that sets up what they may be doing in the new movie.

While rumors have come out saying that the movie is titled “Tron: Ascension”, the THR report only calls it Tron 3. It’s possible that Ascension is the title, and Disney is just waiting for a later date to announce it. Most likely we’ll hear a lot more about the movie at Disney’s D23 Expo this August as it’s not expected that they’ll be showing up at the San Diego Comic Con in July.

As of now there’s absolutely no official word as to the story of Tron 3. By watching Legacy, and the Flynn Lives short on the disc, you can pretty much figure out that the third sequel could have to do with a rebellion of sorts by Sam Flynn while keeping his dad alive in that USB drive he had at the end of the movie. The short also brought back RAM from the original movie, so it’s possible he could show up as well. Then there’s Tron, who was turned back to the good side at the end of Tron: Legacy so he’s a possibility as well.