Big Avengers Announcement Tomorrow?


Avengers Announcement TomorrowToday the internet is buzzing about a big rumored Avengers announcement tomorrow.

Robert Downey Jr. Tweeted about it, as did the Good Morning America and Jimmy Kimmel Live accounts. Obviously this means that it’s something tied to ABC (which is owned by Marvel’s parent company Disney). Fans are concocting wild theories from a reveal of The Vision or even (sigh) Spider-Man, but it appears to be not that big a deal.

According to the Marvel First leaker Twitter account (which does have a good track record so far), it’s nothing to get excited about:

By the way the "big" announcement tomorrow is that they're on Jimmy Kimmel Live as a group

— Marvel First (@MarvelFirst) April 6, 2015

This isn’t the first time Marvel fans have over-hyped themselves over cryptic Avenger teases on Twitter. Prior to the release of the last trailer, RDJ teased an announcement in “8 days” and that ended up just being a contest where someone could win a trip to the world premiere. The trailer did follow that announcement, but again all the crazy Spider-Man theories were completely misplaced.

Having the full Avengers team on Kimmel isn’t much of a shock. Of course Disney would leverage a late-night talk show on a network they own to promote what is obviously going to be their biggest grossing movie this summer.