Proof that Fox is Keeping Star Wars: A New Hope From Disney


star-wars-digital-releaseEver since Disney purchased Lucasfilm back in 2012 those in the know have been explaining how it’s going to be a rocky road for Disney to ever release the original Star Wars. Due to the circumstances surrounding its production, 20th Century Fox owns Star Wars: A New Hope in perpetuity. So Fox is keeping Star Wars: A New Hope From Disney. FOREVER.

Some fans have tried to say that Disney and Fox would make some kind of deal over ANH, but that isn’t happening. The upcoming digital release of the movies is proof that Fox is not working with Disney in regards to the original Star Wars movie.

A image from VUDU’s storefront shows that Episodes I, II, III, V, and VI are available via Disney Movies Anywhere. That’s Disney’s streaming service that also ties into your VUDU, iTunes, and GooglePlay accounts so you can have your movies wherever you want. Thanks to 20th Century Fox, you won’t have a complete Star Wars digital collection on that service. They are blocking only A New Hope from the service as they own it forever.