Major Spoilers: Marvel Just Made a Big Change to an Avenger


rage-of-ultron-coverWith Avengers: Age of Ultron coming out next month, it’s not shocking that Marvel is doing a lot of comic tie-ins featuring Ultron. They do it with all of their major movie releases, and this week saw two come out. There’s the fluffy “Ultron Forever” limited series that began, and really feels like a cheap cash-in, but then there’s the “Rage of Ultron” original graphic novel by Marvel all-stars Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña.

This 100 page story is set in-continuity, although Marvel is being coy about it being set before or after Secret Wars. Setting it before that event wouldn’t make much sense as the upcoming reboot could wipe out a big change that came upon two characters in the story. If it’s set after Secret Wars, then Hank Pym just got even more interesting.

At the end of the story the Avengers believe Hank Pym to have died, even erecting a statue in his honor. But he’s not dead. He and Ultron merged into one body. Ultron’s metal shell with a beating human heart. Yea, this just happened…