Rumor: Date for the Star Wars Digital Release is April 10th


star wars sagaWith today being April 1st, it’s sometimes difficult to tell what out here is real and fake…especially when it looks as real as this.

For a long time there has been evidence pointing to a digital release of all six Star Wars movies on formats such as iTunes and Google Play. We know for a 100% fact that it’s coming as Hasbro released six action figure box sets in a “Digital Release Commemorative” collection. We just haven’t had a date yet.

While May 4th has been a popular speculation, there’s a post over on Yakface where someone spotted a Walmart display advertising April 10th (next Friday) as the release:


People have been wondering why Vudu is listed, and that’s because Walmart exclusively uses and advertises Vudu for digital movies and TV shows. Even movies at the store with an Ultraviolet digital copy will have a Vudu sticker slapped on it. Others wondered why Disney isn’t mentioned, and that’s because 20th Century Fox owns distribution rights for all six movies until 2020.

As for this being an April Fool’s joke, I asked Yakface on Twitter about that and they said if it was it wasn’t intentional. The image was allegedly taken at a Walmart in Missouri.

Finally, for those “special” fans over on sites such as Give it up, these won’t be unaltered releases of the original movies. They’ll be the most recent cuts of the movies.