The Force Awakens Trailer Will Show At Celebration



This morning you’re probably seeing a lot of people on social media talking about the new trailer for The Force Awakens premiering at Star Wars Celebration and then being in theaters with Avengers: Age of Ultron. This latest version of the “news” originated with Collider late last night.

The issue with this, and people freaking out about it, is that Star Wars fans have known this will happen for months.

Back in January we told you that you would see new Episode VII footage at the convention. When JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy were confirmed to kick off Celebration with the very first panel on the very first day we told you he’d be bringing something to show you. When one fake trailer description was going around in February we explained it was because of the trailer coming at Celebration. Then when the convention confirmed that mystery TFA guests would join JJ at the panel, that was even more confirmation that the trailer would show up at Star Wars Celebration. Finally when Latino Review posted a 100% fake trailer description in March, we explained that the real thing will show at Celebration.

This is why Star Wars fans bought their tickets for Star Wars Celebration way back in 2013. With Episode VII on the way, Star Wars fans knew that this convention (not San Diego Comic Con) would be where Lucasfilm would give the new movie a big blowout. Film blogs who only decided to cover Star Wars to keep the lights on due to the hype are just now starting to discover what Star Wars fans have know for years, thus you’re seeing stories like this popping up on their sites.