Batman V Superman Trailer Will Be Attached to Mad Max: Fury Road


batman-vs-superman-dawn-of-justice-logo-e1407356934394Remember back in February when a film blog with a dubious track record on rumors came out and told everyone that Batman V Superman’s trailer would be attached to Jupiter Ascending? Well we all know how that turned out, as did the Wachowski’s because their movie is headed directly to the bargain bin at Walmart.

Now there’s some real news about when the trailer will hit, as Collider has heard from solid sources that we’ll get it with Mad Max:

“After speaking with a few sources, I’m happy to report the first Batman v Superman trailer is on the cusp of being released. I’m told it’s absolutely attached to all copies of Mad Max: Fury Road, which is an obvious place for it to debut seeing as how Mad Max is WB’s first big movie of the summer. What I’ve heard is that Warners isn’t sure it wants to release the trailer while Avengers: Age of Ultron is destroying records and driving all social traffic during the end of April and early May. If they wait until the weekend Mad Max opens on May 15th, Avengers will have already been out for two weeks and they can take over the conversation at a time when everyone is ready to talk about Batman and Superman. The bottom line is: we will absolutely have seen the first Batman v Superman trailer by May 15th.”

As if we needed a reason to see Mad Max in theaters. This means we’re just about a month and a half away from the first official look at Batman and Superman in action on the big screen.