The Big Bang Theory Will Rip Off \’Fanboys\’


fanboys09One of my favorite movies is Kyle Newman’s Fanboys. I’ve written before how if you’re reading this site, you must have this movie in your library. Even with the forced additions the Weinsteins added to it, the movie is perhaps the truest example of what Star Wars fans (and geeks) are REALLY like. Before Ready Player One, this is what made Ernie Cline my favorite writer.

Now CBS’s Big Bang Theory is going to continue its attempt to show real “geeks”, and fail by completely ripping off Fanboys. An upcoming episode (spotted by The Bearded Trio) will basically replicate the Fanboys plot sans one big element:

“When Leonard and Sheldon are invited to speak at UC Berkeley, they take a detour to try to meet an idol. Also, when Bernadette and Howard battle over the fate of his Dr. Who TARDIS, Raj and Amy offer to settle the dispute with a game of ping pong.”

That detour is to Skywalker Ranch, where the boys break in to meet George Lucas.

The writers of The Big Bang Theory obviously missed what made Fanboys such a great story. The group in that movie broke into Skywalker Ranch so their friend dying of cancer could see the new Star Wars movie (Episode I) before he died. It plays out a fantasy that almost any big Star Wars fan would want to attempt if one of their friends wouldn’t live to see a new movie, and it gave the film a huge heart that this Big Bang Theory episode won’t have.