Sony Pictures Now Owns Robotech


rick hunterIt’s still early in this new phase of Robotech, but a change in the rights holder could mean anime fans could finally see Macross in the US without Harmony Gold being massive dicks about it.

Yesterday it was announced via Variety that Sony Pictures has acquired the rights to Robotech with the intention of doing live-action movies. The Variety story isn’t clear if it’s just film rights, or if they completely own it, but sounds like Harmony Gold may be out of the picture now. Variety says Frank Agrama of Harmony Gold will executive produce, but that seems to be a consolation prize for selling the rights to Sony.

IF Sony does own the rights to Robotech, this could mean that we could finally see true releases of the Macross series and movies in the US. Harmony Gold is known for blocking, and suing over, any previous release of the franchise they butchered to make Robotech. So this could be very good news. We’ll just have to wait and see if it all works out.