Will There Be \’Rogue One\’ News at Star Wars Celebration?


Star Wars: Rogue OneThis weekend Paramount officially announced the title of Mission Impossible 5 to be Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. The “Rogue” part of the title seems to be an issue with Paramount and Disney due to the first Star Wars spinoff being titled Rogue One.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the similar titles have put Disney into a strange situation:

Sources say Disney didn’t clear its title, meaning Paramount could have fought to block Disney and Lucasfilm from using it at all, even though Rogue One won’t open until Dec. 16, 2016, long after Rogue Nation has come and gone.

Instead, the two studios quickly worked out a deal whereby Disney will refrain from referring to Rogue One this summer in any promotional materials aimed at the general consumer (an exception is a Star Wars fan event in April).

That fan event is Star Wars Celebration taking place April 16th through the 19th in Anaheim, CA. If there’s a special exception to the agreement for Celebration, chances are Lucasfilm may be talking more about the movie there.