This Week\’s Big Avengers SPOILER Mystery Deepens



Yesterday a spoiler hit the ‘net claiming that one Avenger in Age of Ultron wouldn’t make it through the entire movie.

It came from Bleeding Cool, and Badass Digest quickly jumped to debunk it:

Finally, Bleeding Cool reports that one Avenger won’t make it out of Age of Ultron. You can figure it out by simply looking at the list of characters above. Here’s where it gets weird: in one draft of the script Quicksilver did die. But in the latest draft of which I know he does not.

But then Superhero News, a sister site to Batman News, claims that he does bite it:

Also, you may have read a Quicksilver rumor over the past couple of days. Superhero News can confirm that it’s true. It happens while he’s protecting a fellow Avenger.

So you have two sites claiming he dies, and one that doesn’t. The one that doesn’t also has a spotty record with Marvel stuff claiming that the Avengers movies couldn’t be split in two and that Stan Lee didn’t know what he was talking about when naming a Black Panther movie.

Based on that track record, and Quicksilver’s absence from this shot in the trailer I’m started to lean towards one dead Maximoff: