Dylan O\’Brien Fails At Dodging the Spider-Man Question



Earlier in the month a rumor came out that said Maze Runner’s Dylan O’Brien has landed the role as the new Peter Parker. While a film blog with a dodgy reputation is doubling down on their belief that he isn’t Spider-Man, filming for Civil War will begin in about two weeks and more and more evidence is coming out that he may be the new web slinger.

Aside from a lot of chatter on Twitter that he’s cast in the role there was an interview done with O’Brien earlier in the month and his reaction really made it look like he had the part. The way he looked at the ground and tried to dance around the question really makes him sound…guilty.

The fun begins at 1:56 in this interview. Pay attention to the woman behind O’Brien when Spider-Man is mentioned as well as his body language when he tries to dodge the question: