12 Variant Covers DC Should Have Pulled Over \’Integrity\’


Batgirl 41 Variant

This week all of the internet is freaking out over DC Comics pulling a variant cover for Batgirl #41 that referenced Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke. You can read responses from DC and the artist in our original story on the matter here, but after that came out the writer of the current Batgirl line chimed in claiming the variant hurt the “integrity” of his book:

Cameron Stewart Batgirl Tweet

So it’s perfectly fine for them to reference The Killing Joke in the pages of February’s Secret Origins #10, but not on a limited variant cover? Cameron Stewart’s excuse is incredibly thin considering that variant covers NEVER match the tone of the comic. Want proof? We’ve collected twelve examples of recent DC Comics variants that should have been pulled because they could harm the integrity of the serious comics within.

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