Danny Elfman\’s Mysterious Contribution to Age of Ultron Revealed



Back when the Avengers: Age of Ultron poster was revealed fans began to speculate what type of “additional music” Danny Elfman may be providing for the movie. As the recent Sony deal was still fresh in people’s minds, the internet went crazy thinking that they would be using Elfman’s Spider-Man theme. That’s not what’s happening.

ComicBookMovie found an interview with Elfman from an ABC radio station and he explained what he’s doing in Age of Ultron:

“I was doing the same thing actually just last week because I’ve contributed music to the new Avengers movie,” Elfman said. “I took part of Alan Silvestri’s theme on the original [movie], which I really liked, and I pulled it into the new theme, which became kind of a hybrid. I really enjoyed that.”

Could this Elfman version of the theme be something we hear while Scarlet Witch is messing with the minds of the Avengers?