Marvel Studios May Skip San Diego Comic Con This Year


SDCC AvengersNearly every summer people spend nights sleeping on a San Diego sidewalk to get a seat in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con. Usually they really want to get into the hall to see Marvel’s big crowd-pleasing presentation. Except there may not be one in 2015.

Just as Marvel didn’t bring Avengers footage to SDCC in 2011 because they were saving it for Disney’s convention the next month, it sounds like Marvel Studios may be skipping San Diego entirely this year. The MCU Exchange spotted this comment from Guardians director James Gunn who was asked on Facebook if he’ll be there this year and he replied, “I’m not sure. Marvel isn’t going so I’m not sure I will either.”

As Marvel already unveiled their Phase 3 lineup earlier this year at their own event, they really wouldn’t have much to reveal. Anything they did have for Captain America: Civil War will likely be held for Disney’s D23 Expo in August.