The Force Awakens\’ Single IMAX Sequence Sounds Awesome


The Force Awakens Falcon

When it was revealed that JJ Abrams used one of the four 70mm IMAX cameras while filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans began to wonder what that would mean for the movie. As it was only one camera used in the desert shoot, it was obvious that the whole movie wouldn’t be in the IMAX ratio but some of it would be like with The Dark Knight and Interstellar. Recently Abrams said that the IMAX is only in one sequence, and now we know that that is. has a description of the scene. It’s only a mild spoiler as it takes place at the beginning of the movie and we’ve seen part of it in the trailer:

“Later on in the film after Rey and Finn take their flight in the Falcon is where we get the IMAX sequences. The Falcon is chased by TIE Fighters and we apparently move by some familiar landmarks in the film’s one-sun desert setting. This is the big chase and action sequence which dominates the film’s first act. TIEs are in hot pursuit of the Falcon as it rockets away from the salvage station. Rey and BB-8 pilot the ship. Finn gets on the Falcon’s turret. There’s a lot of banter between the two and to an extent they don’t seem to really know what they’re doing. But most of all, Finn is rather inept. As TIEs shoot at the Falcon, Rey has to ask Finn if he plans on “answering back.” Its a situation he can’t talk himself out of and he has figure out how to use the turret and actually hit one. To save their skins, Rey pilots them into the insides of the giant crashed Star Destroyer she was scavenging from during her introduction sequence. The Falcon and the TIEs “slalom” around debris and the insides of the downed ship, eventually losing their persuers.”

It almost sounds like something out of Star Tours, and by that I mean it sounds like an awesome ride that would make the $20 IMAX ticket worth it!