5 Groups of Star Wars Fans Who May Not Like The Force Awakens


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

We’re still more than eight months away from the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but as more and more comes into focus as to what the movie is really about we’re starting to see how it could fracture the Star Wars fan base even more than the Prequels did.

Here are five groups of fans who may have some big issues with The Force Awakens:

Hardcore Expanded Universe Fans

Star Wars Expanded Universe

This is a huge one, and you’re already seeing people writing long and rambling essays on Tumblr and message boards about how they will boycott The Force Awakens forever because Lucasfilm decided to make the old EU non-canon. Except it was always non-canon. Even before the canon reset, the books, comics, and videogames were a lower form of canon. They’d always be trumped by what was called “G-Canon”, or George Canon, which was the movies (and then The Clone Wars). People tend to forget that when ranting against Lucasfilm. And they’ll probably forget their rants while they’re standing in line for the first midnight showing.

Prequel Haters

Star Wars Prequels

As much as some people don’t want to hear it, the Star Wars Prequels are Canon and there are a lot of reasons why Lucasfilm won’t be sweeping them away. The Sequel Trilogy exists in the same canonical universe as the Prequels, Clone Wars, Rebels, and the Original Trilogy, so those who only acknowledge three Star Wars movies will probably find something in the new one to bitch about on the internet for fifteen years.

The “Star Wars is About Luke” Group

Luke Skywalker

This is somewhat similar to the last group in that there’s a group of Star Wars fans who only acknowledge the stories where Luke is the focus. They believe that Star Wars is the story of Luke, except for him not being a major character in the Prequels, Clone Wars, or Rebels. Just like the Prequels were the story for one group of characters, who took smaller roles in the Original Trilogy, the Sequel Trilogy is about a new generation of characters and these people won’t be seeing as much of Han, Leia, and Luke as they expect.

The “CG Sucks” Group

The Force Awakens Teaser

Ever since Star Wars: The Force Awakens was announced back in 2012, most fans have been dealing with some eye-rolling theories from people who believe that JJ Abrams would film the movie in 1977 style with no CG effects at all. Obviously this is insane, but there are seriously people out there who believed that they would do the movie with nothing but practical effects. JJ Abrams has said that there is an “enormous amount of CG” in the movie, so this group of fans will likely revolt against it just like the Indy IV no-CG group did when that movie used CG.

Those Who Already Made the Movie in Their Head

Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy

Just like some people spent eighteen years inventing their own Prequels in their head, and then proceeded to spend fifteen years screaming on the internet how Lucas should have made it THEIR way, there are people who have done the same for the Sequel Trilogy. Since The Force Awakens won’t be an adaptation of the Thrawn Trilogy with 60-year old Luke going all Force Unleashed for two hours, these people will probably start long essays about how THEIR imaginary fan-fiction Sequel Trilogy would’ve been better.