A Fan Favorite Character Returned in Star Wars Rebels…



Last night Star Wars Rebels’ first season came to an absolutely epic conclusion with “Fire Across the Galaxy”. With Kanan captured by Tarkin and taken to Mustafar, the rest of the Ghost crew sprung a rescue attempt. In the end after the departure of one major villain in the series, the crew got a little over their head. Thankfully Chopper led the calvary of the Rebel Alliance in to the save the day, and we finally learned who Fulcrum really is.

Most spoiler-hounds knew the truth thanks to the French voice actor leaking the information on her website, but as you can see from the USA Today video below Vulcrum is Ahsoka Tano from The Clone Wars. Following the episode Lucasfilm released their weekly “Rebels Recon” recap video that showed off concept art for A-Wings, a Rebel capital ship, and new Rebels characters that the Ghost crew will meet in season two.

There’s no start date for the second season yet, but the first episode will premiere next month at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim.