Drew Goddard Denies He\’s Directing Spider-Man


asm2Following the rumor earlier this morning that Maze Runner’s Dylan O’Brien would be playing Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, another rumor came out that said Cabin in the Woods’ Drew Goddard would be writing and directing the movie.

Almost as quickly as the rumor came out, it’s been denied.

The original rumor came from Latino Review (keep an eye on that URL, they like to delete stuff that gets debunked), but Comic Book Resources contacted Goddard themselves and got a flat denial on it:

When reached by CBR News, a representative for Drew Goddard denied Latino Review’s rumor that he will write and direct Sony’s next Spider-Man film, stating Goddard “hasn’t met on the title yet.”

While it wouldn’t be a shock if Goddard ends up with the job, as he was apparently going to do Sinister Six, right now it looks like this is a false rumor that’s already been squashed.

UPDATE: The same Reddit leaker who confirmed the Marvel/Sony deal and started the O’Brien news has this to say:

Yeah, and they’re bullshitting, why would the Sinister Six be in the 1st fucking movie? Why would Iron Man be in the first movie? Sony isn’t even allowed to have other MCU characters in their standalone Spidey movies yet, I didn’t believe an inch about that article.

Thnx and BTW, Sony being able to use MCU characters is not official, they can be mentioned, but cannot appear. They’re still exploring those opportunities.

Sony is not allowed to use MCU characters yet.

It’s from LatinoReview, when have they ever shown that they are 100% reliable? They’re little article is complete bullshit. They said casting doesn’t start until another month, yet Civil War starts shooting in April. Are you kidding me?

Again, don’t be surprised if Latino Review deletes that story after they get enough traffic from the hype.