Spidey May Be Protected From His Biggest Foe: Tom Rothman


amazing-spidey2-teaserEarlier this week comic book fans braced for the worst as former Fox exec Tom Rothman replaced Amy Pascal at Sony Pictures. If you aren’t familiar with Rothman he’s the guy who tried to kill Bryan Singer’s first X-Men by cutting the budget and pushing up the release date, banned the X-Men movies from using “giant robots” (Sentinels), blocked Deadpool for years, and almost crated the X-Men franchise by meddling in X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now this guy is running the studio responsible for Spider-Man.

Thankfully it sounds like Spider-Man may be protected from his stupidity, thanks to the recent Marvel deal. According to Latino Review:

Avi Arad and Matt Tolomach, producers of the Amazing Spider-Man movies (and Arad being attached to the property since it’s initial sale) are producers for Spider-Man in name only.

We have information from a source suggesting there is no financial involvement whatsoever and no direct creative control over Spidey coming from the old guard. Amy Pascal still has a say in the Mom-and-Pop arrangement she has with Feige, but Disney didn’t want to unite Pearlmutter, Arad and Feige in earnest. This is the solution.

What does that mean? It means Marvel might have a bit more control than we thought. It means the new Spider-Man has been insulated from BOTH Avi Arad and new Sony head, superhero property curse, Tom Rothman.

Hopefully this news is true and Rothman can be kept away from the Spider-Man movies.