DuckTales Returns With New Episodes in 2017!


DuckTalesIf you’re like me, you probably have fond memories of rushing home from school to watch episodes of DuckTales on the Disney Afternoon. The series kicked off a renaissance of Disney television animation that lead to series such as Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, Tail Spin, and Darkwing Duck.

With the Disney XD network suffering, the Mouse is obviously looking at ways to improve its exposure. Star Wars Rebels was a good try, and the new Guardians of the Galaxy series should also boost things, but 2017 will being back DuckTales. Based on the artwork they released (above) it appears to be classic DuckTales and not a CGI modified version with different characters.

Maybe now Disney will finally release the last episodes of the original series on DVD? Fans have owned the movie and entire series on disc for over a decade, but Disney still hasn’t released a set containing the final season of episodes!