Why Some Fans Need to Think Differently About The Force Awakens


the-force-awakens-teaserOver the weekend, some new revelations about Star Wars: The Force Awakens have come out that were sourced from the most reliable documentation aside from the script itself. Right now it gives us the clearest picture of what actually happens in Episode VII, but there are still small things (such as dialog) that can’t be known until a script is seen.

Despite explaining that multiple times, Jason at MakingStarWars has been facing death threats since Friday simply because he said that a fictional character in a movie isn’t in it as much as these “fans” have hoped for.

Even before the movie had begun filming, Lucasfilm told fans that Episode VII WOULD NOT be based in any way on the Expanded Universe books from the past twenty years. The first teaser trailer focuses on the NEW characters in the film, and those new cast members even have top billing in the casting announcement…with the returning cast obviously having smaller roles.

Yet some fans want to ignore all the evidence that they won’t be seeing a two-hour adventure with Luke, Han, and Leia. It’s almost as if they ignore all of the Star Wars canon besides the Original Trilogy. The “Big 3” aren’t a part of the Prequel Trilogy, The Clone Wars, or Star Wars Rebels, why expect them to be part of the Sequel Trilogy outside of small roles to pass the torch to the new generation?

I think these death threats that Jason is facing come from a combination of a couple things. First, some fans have already invented Episode VII in their head, and when they’re told the truth (and they don’t like what they hear) they snap and threaten to kill the messenger. Second, some cannot “unlearn what they have learned” from the Expanded Universe and still expect to see those stories in some way represented on the big screen.

Even if someone falls into either of those categories, there’s no excuse to send death threats to someone just because they tell you that Episode VII isn’t the movie you’ve been playing out in your head and on the Jedi Council Forums.

This is why the Sequel Trilogy is likely to polarize the Star Wars fan base even more than the Prequels ever did. There are simply too many people already expecting the movies to be something they aren’t, and they’ll lash out against them for featuring a new cast of characters and not focusing on sixty-year-old versions of the Original Trilogy heroes.

I’ll give you one example of what some fans are expecting and why it doesn’t make sense based on evidence to the contrary.

One fan faked a picture of Luke Skywalker fighting Kylo Ren. It was done in Adobe Illustrator and sent out trying to dupe sites into running it. That scene doesn’t happen in Episode VII. It’s like having Ghost Obi-Wan going and killing Darth Vader in the Original Trilogy, instead of Luke dealing with Vader. In the Sequel Trilogy you’ll see the new characters like Rey and Finn dealing with the threat of Kylo Ren. It’s not Old Luke’s fight, but some fans desperately want it to be.

You saw some overlap from the Prequels in the Original Trilogy. Obi-Wan was there as a ghost, and there was Yoda, but the focus of the Original Trilogy was on new characters. Just like the new trilogy will be.

The Sequel Trilogy is going to be its own thing. Just like the Prequels were different from the Original Trilogy. Until fans can accept that the new trilogy is going to be the story of NEW characters in the same Star Wars universe, there are going to be some that are going to have a very hard time adapting to the truth.