MAJOR SPOILER: How Much of Luke Skywalker You\’ll See in The Force Awakens


episode-7-spoilersI’m labeling this as a MAJOR SPOILER as it pertains to how Star Wars: The Force Awakens ends.

There has been a lot of wild and crazy speculation about Luke’s role in the movie, and recently it’s reached a fever pitch where people are actually trying to fake stills from the movie that show Luke fighting Kylo Ren. That doesn’t seem to happen in this movie at all. That’s why this is news I was hoping could come out sooner rather than later. People are building up Luke to something he isn’t in Episode VII, which could be why Mark Hamill cautioned people to not get hyped up.

In fact, it sounds like we won’t see much of Luke in Episode VII. If you want to see Luke on screen a lot, you’ll probably want to look towards Episode VIII in 2017. MakingStarWars explains:

The heroes suffer a great blow when they lose their mentor figure. But after a great duel with Rey and Finn versus Kylo Ren, the heroes return back to the base as heroes. At this point, it becomes clear that their current adventure together has come to an end.

We follow our main hero, Rey as she says goodbye to the important players in the film, Leia, Poe, and so on. Meanwhile BB-8, Artoo-Detoo, and See-Threepio decode a puzzle. Rey makes a special stop to say goodbye to Finn in the medical bay.

Rey, Chewbacca, and BB-8 then get into the Falcon and take off. Chewbacca playfully messes up her hair in an endearing gesture. Things are going to be alright, is what the Wookiee is trying to say, as far as I can tell.

I imagine like all Star Wars films, the end is silent with music playing. That’s just my take though. But it seems likely here.

Rey walks up the stone steps. She comes up to a figure and puts the Lightsaber in his hand. Its Luke Skywalker.

The End.

Personally, when I heard how the the movie ended I had a huge smile on my face. As long as John Williams knocks it out of the park (and why wouldn’t he), it’ll easily be one of my favorite Star Wars endings. It ends on an uplifting note, giving hope for the next two movies in the Sequel Trilogy.