Canon Star Wars Paperback Novels Will Be Larger Than Legends


sw-booksDo you have a bookshelf filled with older Star Wars novels that aren’t considered part of the official canon and thus are now Legends? Well if you decide to read the new canon novels, they’ll at least stick out on your shelf.

Club Jade has found out that the canon paperback reprints will be in a larger premium format than normal paperbacks:

Remember way back in 2009, when LucasBooks announced that the Fate of the Jedi paperbacks reprints would be in the slightly taller premium paperback format – and then changed their minds? Well, it seems like it’s just as well, because now it gives Del Rey a quick, easy way to make the canon novels stand out among the piles of Legends when they come out in paperback. The A New Dawn paperback, due out late next month, will be the first, but Tarkin and Heir to the Jedi have all been listed with the new format.

As someone who is 100% digital with books now, this doesn’t affect me much. But I could see how someone would be upset that the newer Star Wars novels will take up more shelf space than the older ones…