Morena Baccarin is the Female Lead in Deadpool…Probably Domino/Copycat


deadpool-copycatA very key role in the upcoming Deadpool movie has been cast, and she has some serious geek cred. Morena Baccarin has been cast as the female lead in the movie, and while the casting didn’t name her the character in the script was named Vanessa. Those who read comics will recognize that name as the real name for Copycat, a key character in Deadpool’s life.

This is how she was described in the script:

VANESSA. Brunette. Silver-blue eyes. Mid 20’s. Tank. Ripped jeans.

Obviously in the script she isn’t Domino/Copycat yet, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t become that character in the future as Vanessa IS the real name. In the leaked script, her part is pretty big as the story is as much about her relationship with Wade as it is him being Deadpool and breaking the fourth wall.