A Metahuman Villain Comes to Starling City in Arrow


DeathboltFans of the “Arrowverse” are aware of the tonal differences and story decisions between Arrow and The Flash. For its first two (and a half) seasons, Arrow focused on the more realistic heroes and villains. Those without superpowers, but with superior training or gadgets. On the other side of the fence, The Flash has been a Metahuman of the week show.

That will be changing as IGN has found out that Hellboy actor Doug Jones will show up on Arrow as Deathbolt. He will definitely be the Metahuman version of the character, without an Arrow de-powering, as he’ll be able to harness plasma energy.

Honestly this shouldn’t really bother fans of either series. Arrow is still primarily about the non-powered heroes, but it does exist in the same universe where a bunch of Metahumans are running around Central City. Obviously some of that would bleed over to the other series.