5 Ways Guardians of the Galaxy Was a Game-Changer



Ever since Fox first released X-Men in 2000, comic book movies have been in a purgatory of “grounded in reality” mediocrity. Sure people loved Singer’s X-Men movies…because it was the best they could get at the time. That’s because Hollywood was too scared to embrace what a comic book actually was, and as a result Galactus was turned into a giant cloud.

Last year Guardians of the Galaxy went from being a what people were predicting as a “bomb” due to its comic book nature, to being one of the biggest movies of 2014. Here are five reasons why Guardians slapped those stupid “grounded in reality” Hollywood execs right in their stupid faces:

A Talking Raccoon


If Fox were to make Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket would probably be human. He could be a little person, and he’d have the same attitude and maybe wear a raccoon T-Shirt, but they’d never actually make him a talking raccoon. But Marvel did, and it worked. The one element everyone thought people would laugh at the movie for ended up being one of the biggest crowd pleasers.

A Sentient Tree


Even stranger than a talking raccoon is a sentient tree. If Fox made this movie, Groot probably wouldn’t even be in the movie. At most they’d have an Easter Egg where the human Rocket was watering a plant or something. Like Rocket, Groot ended up becoming one of the most popular characters in the entire movie.

A Big Purple Alien Villain on a Flying Throne


Thanos. Marvel frickin’ did Thanos. Big, purple, and on his floating throne. And he wants the Infinity Stones. Ok, stop geeking out. He doesn’t have Death by his side (yet), but they need to slowly acclimate normal people to the awesome craziness of the Mad Titan and what he has in store for the universe. After this guy, Fox would be incredibly stupid to chicken out and not go full comic book with the design of Apocalypse. Fans expect more now.

Aliens Beings Big Enough to Eat Planets


See Fox? Galactus doesn’t have to be a frickin’ cloud! Not only did Guardians establish the idea of giant Celestials with the head of Knowhere, they actually showed one destroying a planet! Imagine if Marvel had the Fantasic Four rights? Instead of a movie that tries to make them gritty and realistic, we could have GALACTUS as he was meant to be. And I don’t mean the crappy Ultimate version, I mean a giant guy in a purple suit flying around and eating planets!

Hey, It’s Funny!


One of the reasons Guardians did so well was because it was funny. It embraced the type of humor Marvel comics are known for, and didn’t shy away from going full on with the jokes. The leg, the Jackson Pollock joke, and Kevin Bacon are just some of the highlights of the crowd pleasers that couldn’t exist if you made Guardians all “grimdark” and “grounded in reality”.