The Star Wars Original Trilogy \”Legends\” Blu-Rays Are Fake…Here\’s Why


fake-legends-blu-raysToday Latino Review posted their weekly required Star Wars article and right at the top is something I recognized immediately. Three Blu-Ray cover mock ups for unaltered Original Trilogy releases, with big “Legends” banners at the top of each of them.

I recognized them because I made them.

A few weeks ago I thought it’d be funny to troll the people who are always begging for non-Special Edition releases of the Original Trilogy, even though we’ll never get that, so I decided to mock up what they’d look like. As George Lucas’ final versions of the movies are the only canon versions, I thought it’d be hilarious to troll these people with the dreaded “Legends” banner on the Blu-Ray cover. I guess it was also kind of a dig at those delusional “fans” who want the canon Prequels to be made Legends.

So I found a Blu-Ray box template PSD, went into Photoshop with textless versions of the Original Trilogy posters, added some png logos to them, and BAM fake Blu-Ray covers.

I uploaded these to Imgur to have for future fun, but I don’t remember spreading them to anyone else aside from a few friends via IM as I made them.

Obviously someone found the fakes I made on Imgur somehow, and cooked up some kind of story to sell them to Latino Review. He then probably emailed them to Da7e since he writes their Star Wars articles and he posted them today.

We’re never going to see unaltered Blu-Ray releases. Aside from the fact that George Lucas maintains final cut and no one at Disney or Fox will take that away from him, there are some other good reasons.

By the way, Latino Review has a habit of deleting stories once their scoops are proven to be bogus. That’s why I took a screen shot of this one. Enjoy.

UPDATE: 2/17/2014 – I guess Latino Review saw this post, and this is how one of their editors reacted to us pointing out that they delete debunked scoops.


If you want to see proof of this, their famous World War Hulk (Avengers 3) scoop once resided at this URL, but is now gone as is the Batman V Superman villains scoop that was sourced from a fake script. There’s also story about Christopher Nolan running DC’s Cinematic Universe with a Christian Bale Batman in Justice League, and Adam Sandler/Jim Carrey in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Hey all I’m saying is stand by your stuff, and if you’re wrong about something admit it…don’t delete it.

Hell we were wrong about the Episode VII date remaining in May 2015. We even did an emergency podcast to admit we were wrong about it when the delay happened. The reason why that stuff isn’t on our site anymore is because last March/April our host had a HDD failure on their RAID where the site is located, and lost two of the four HDDs on the box. That means all of our content from November of 2011 until April of 2013 was lost and a backup was not able to be recovered. But the stories about the release date were never deleted, even when we were wrong about it.